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This garden is one of the reasons we are so happy to be back in Toronto. It's something we wanted for a long time, and we did so well with our rooftop garden last year, it was exciting to have a whole yard to play with! I wanted to share how it was going so far.

It's pretty interesting what you can come across when you are researching your family history. In this case, I was looking for historic photos from the small town called Alma, Michigan, that some of my ancestors lived in. These photos of the J.J. Newberry store in 1949 are so captivating, I love how clear and detailed they all are. It reminds me a little of Honest Ed's, but maybe a little classier. And the signage in them is just perfect.

This year we have more space to garden than we've ever had, and it's presenting itself as a challenge so far. Right now there is a lot of brown, and I would like it to be more green than brown (of course). Really excited for all the fruit potential—our backyard has a pear tree, elderberries, and raspberries. I can't wait! We've also planted a lot of vegetables.

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  2. Moss Acres
  3. Belle Fleur de Lis
  4. Threading in the Choirs

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I visited my mom over the weekend in Welland, my hometown. It's funny how desperate I was to get out of there 6 years ago, and how when I return I have mixed feelings. I definitely feel sentimental for certain things, sometimes for how slow and quiet it is. My favourite part of the city is the main street area, which used to be the downtown. The real downtown has since moved over to where a giant Wal-Mart was built.

But I still love the half-abandoned, struggling and sad little main street strip and surrounding neighbourhood--and I try to imagine what it was like as the hot spot it once was.

I love gathering little pieces from my mom's childhood. How cute!
Happy mother's day, mom.

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I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to take a short, whirlwind day trip to NYC. I flew there in the morning from Toronto Island, and in the afternoon I met with one of my favourite studios, RoAndCo. I had a great chat with Roanne about fashion and the design industry, before heading off to the SVA theatre to watch the Designer As _____ thesis presentations.

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snail [snāl]

  1. A mollusk (class Gastropoda) with a single spiral shell into which the whole body can be withdrawn.
  2. (in metaphorical use) Any person or thing that moves exceedingly slowly.

05 / 09

So, I'm clearly playing catch up here. I've been so busy working it's been hard to find the time! I've done quite a lot since my last post that I would still like to share.

I recently had the opportunity to exhibit my collages in a group show in Utica, New York. It's a small city in between Buffalo and New York City (we often passed by it on the train in the past). Jory came with me for a short little trip to attend the show, and we took the train--which we always enjoy. There is also a "scenic railway" which runs out of Utica and goes into the Adirondacks, which I've always been curious about...

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So much has been happening lately and I have so much to post about but haven't really had the time. Life is crazy sometimes! In January, my mom took me on a vacation (my first ever, really). We went to Cuba, I got to pick the place. We chose to go to Playa Ancon, a beach near Trinidad which is an old historical town. It's very different than Havana, much older and colonial looking. Also it was next to a huge mountain range where we could go hiking. Oh, and the beach we were on only had three resorts. It turned out to be the perfect place!

Thought I would share some pictures before I forget it even happened...